Poplar plywoodDefinition

Poplar plywood has maximum moisture resistance, bending strength and durability. The symmetrically cross-bonded outer and inner layers are poplar veneer sheets. The grain of the outer surfaces may be either in the direction of the greater side of the panel or in the direction of the smaller side. In either case the first size is that of the grain direction. We offer both water resistant exterior poplar plywood and interior poplar plywood.

Field of application

Poplar plywood can be used for building furniture, door and windows frames, carpentry and packaging. Poplar plywood is also suitable for usage in humid areas. Because of its relatively low weight it can be used to build high structural stresses in shop and interior fitting, shipbuilding, bathroom furniture, and also in vehicle construction.

Thicknesses mm : 4 ,  6,5 ,  9 ,  12 , 15 ,  18 ,  21 ,  24 ,  27 ,  30

Size mm : 2440 x 1220 ,  2500 x 1250 ,    other sizes on request

Grade : OVL/BTR (B/BB), BB/CC, UTY Face/Back

Glue type : MR,   WBP,   Melamine,

Quality References :

Edges : Processing by waterproof acrylic paint

Formaldehyde emission : E1,  E2,

Moisture content : max 10 %

Density : (depending on thickness)   450 kg/m³ ± 5 % EN 323

Wood species : 100% poplar