Birch plywoodDefinition

We offer birch plywood from Russia, Estonia and Finland, which is known for its warm light color, excellent strength, durability and affordable cost.

The surface of the birch plywood is nearly free of gaps and other defects which gives it impact resistance, smooth surface, great screw holding power and can therefore be used for building, construction, vehicle industry and other industries where special strength of a material is required. Due to not having almost any defects birch plywood has an attractive side profile, which makes it highly decorative and can therefore be used to build furniture. Grain may run in either direction on the face of the sheet.

Field of application

Since being a high-quality product almost without any defects birch plywood is an excellent material for furniture. Furniture builders even design their projects so that birch plywood’s beautiful layers would be seen as a decorative feature of natural wood. Birch plywood is also used in construction.

Other areas of usage can be building cabinets, book cases, table tops, drawer sides and bottoms, skateboards, bed desks, toys, packaging, floors for sport arenas etc.

Thicknesses mm : 3 , 4 ,  6,5 ,  8 , 9 ,  10 , 12 , 15 ,  18 ,  21 ,  24 ,  27 ,  30 , 35 , 40,

Size mm : 1525 x 1525 ,  2440 x 1220 ,  2500 x 1250 ,  1500 x 3000 , 1525 x 3050        other sizes on request

Classification according to the condition of surfaces :

Glue type : Urea Carbamide (Interior), Phenol-formaldehyde (Exterior), Melamine (Urea-melamine-formaldehyde)

Quality References : INTERGOVERNMENTAL STANDARD   GOST 3916.1-96

Edges : Processing by waterproof acrylic paint

Formaldehyde emission : E1

Moisture content : max 10 %

Density : 680 – 700 kg/m³

Wood species : 100% birch
Plywood is subdivided by sanding of face veneers for
Not sanded – NS
Sanded one side – S1S
Sanded two sides – S2S


· ISO 9000 Management System Certificate

· CARB (California Air Resources Board) сertification

· BFU-100

· EN-13986 CE-Mark

· Certificates of GOST conformance

· Certificates of origin GSP Form A