3 layer panel 25 layer panel3-layer-panels  /  5-layer-panels

3-layer and 5-layer  solid wood panels are produced from raw material, which is very carefully graded.  Grading is done by computer-based camera and lasersystem. The 3-layer and 5-layer panels are easy to work, advantageous and their durability in relation to weight is superior. The 3-layer-structure gives even more stability and strength to the product.  This relationship make  panels ideal for an  increased number of applications. 3-layer and 5-layer solid wood panels are also a nature friendly product.There are many stock sizes available and panels can be cut almost any specified size. The largest panel-size is 1250 x 12 000 mm.

Specifications for SafeWood  3- layer and 5-layer solid wood panels

Tree species – Spruce, Pine, Birch

Moisture – 8 – 10%,

Lamella width – 21 – 45 mm

Glue -PVAc or Karbamide-glue

Glueing class – D4 (PVAc)

Formaldehyde class – Fc 0 (PVAc)

Fingerjoint – Fingerlength 15 mm, weatherproof MUF

Face – Sanded

Packet – 5-side-packing with plastic film, which protects against humidity and sunlight. Single-packing is possible.