HDF board is a wood fibre board made from fine wood fibres. The board is homogeneous through and through, has a particular dense, smooth, surface which is harder than MDF board. Due to its flatness and excellent treatment possibilities HDF board can be cut, drilled, painted or processed in other ways.

Field of application

HDF board is mainly used to build furniture such as kitchen cupboard doors, tables etc. This material is also used in construction, carpentry and packaging.

Decors: raw , wooden decor ,  painted

Thicknesses mm     3, 4, 6,

Thickness Tolerances ± 0.10 mm

Size mm  1525 x 1525 ,  2440 x 1220 ,  2500 x 1250 ,  1500 x 3000         other sizes on request

Classification according to the condition of surfaces

Glue type: Urea Carbamide (Interior), Phenol-formaldehyde (Exterior),

Quality References:

Edges: Processing by waterproof acrylic paint

Formaldehyde emission: E1

Moisture content: max 5 %

Density:    840 – 900 kg/m³

Wood species: 100% pine